Top Discussions This Week 2/19

I guess a chill had to run through our country to drive the feeling of love in the air right out. Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day with chocolates and flowers, I wanted to highlight some great conversations about love, sex, nudity, and dating. You’re probably snowed in anyways right now, so grab your coffee and dive into some of these great conversations.

Top Podcasts This Week:

Spencer Klavan’s latest episode of the Young Heretics Podcast discussed nudity in art. It was relevant to a discussion a couple weeks ago between Matt Fradd and a Catholic iconographer. Klavan takes a different position that is more friendly to nudity in art, and I found it great to hear that perspective as well.

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Do we have standards for sex? Ryan Pauly walked through his response to the challenge, “Love is love.” In this podcast, he goes through the standards our society offers for what kinds of sex are acceptable. The way he handles the objections is solid, so definitely check that out.

Social Chatter:

My post asking people to share 5 books sparked a lot of great conversations. Here's the search on Twitter for it, so you can bolster your reading list if it's getting low. I really liked these top 5's as well from @ciceromt63, @saveusculture, @ManlyVirtue, @laddolaf, @realtruthcactus.

Lauren Chen's PragerU video with dating advice had some great conversation. Her advice is clear, and helpful: don't waste your time with superficial stuff. Get to the meat of it as quickly as possible.

My Conversations:

I was a guest on a smart, young woman's podcast to discuss starting on the path to financial freedom. This was a summary of my 4-part series I did early on in 2020. Here's part one if you want to check that out.

I joined Joe Little on his podcast Little Joe's Conservative Corner. It was a fun conversation, and he's doing good work. You can check out that episode here.

Lastly, I'm really stuck on The Golden Mean right now. Maybe because I'm planning a course on it, but I think it's something that's hugely important to talk about. In our world of relativism, we need to find truth and make the case for it.

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