Hiding Behind the Science

Too many thinkers, politicians, and activists use the word science like a magic spell, hiding behind the word science. They seem to believe that calling something science makes it true.

But it doesn’t.

In fact, science is something that is always changing and developing, often disproving old theories. While a mathematical truth can be constant and unwavering, science is tentative.

Despite this, I see many “experts” and laypeople claiming they’re right in the name of Science. And, they do this while mocking Christians for claiming that God gave us instructions on how to live.

The difference is that Christians can argue logically why you should believe in God, Jesus’ resurrection, and therefore our worldview. Worshippers of science cannot validate their epistemology through the scientific method. Often, they can’t even explain their epistemology to begin with.

Maybe you don’t believe me that the “science” has been corrupted. That’s why I have several discussions this week to show you what I mean.

So, dive into the discussions below. And, if there are other great podcasts, articles, documentaries, etc. that are relevant, let me know. I’m eager to learn more.

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Top Discussions about Hiding Behind Science

Mixing Science and Politics

Discussing the Trans Kids Issue: Jordan Peterson and Abigail Shrier
Abigail Shrier and Jordan Peterson discussed identity, gender dysphoria, the increased rate of gender transitioning procedures among young female adolescents, details of these procedures, de-transitioning, her personal experiences writing her book “Irreversible Damage”, and more.
Listen here >>

Politics Disguised as Science: Vaccine Passports
Despite the fact that a vaccine passport has more than just medical repercussions, the “scientific experts” are the only supposedly credible voices. Politico, pushing the vaccines says “Vaccine passports promise a golden key to living a normal life again: but they risk distracting us from the greater need for vaccines in arms and responsible behavior from all”

Faith and Science

The Road From Atheism to Catholicism: Pat Flynn & Matt Fradd
In Matt Fradd’s Pints with Aquinas podcast, Pat Flynn told his story of going from Atheism to Catholicism. And, I found it interesting, and a compliment to the other content above because he walks through how he actually formed his worldview. That is something that many in the “believe the science” community do not do. 
Listen here>>

Modernity and the Failures of Pure Rationality: John Timeaus & Me
I talked to John Timaeus of Modernity Has Fallen about epistemology, rationality, and the failures of modernity. John writes about these issues on his blog. As a software developer and mathematician, John understands problem solving, and is able to show how we've gone wrong. So, we discussed how in our modern world we don't know how we come to truth. Then, we looked back at how we came to know what is true in the past. Last, we discussed how our extreme problem solving can never run out of problems to solve - and might even create more.
Listen here>>

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