Politicians Want It Both Ways

Apparently, it’s bad politics to get multi-million dollar events sent into another state. Biden and other Democrat politicians learned this after the reaction to the MLB moving the All-Star game out of Georgia.

After realizing there was a backlash, Biden backtracked saying that pulling out hurts those who need it most, which is true. But, he wanted to have his cake and eat it too, so he applauded companies for wanting to do something.

Republican and Democrat Politicians Are Guilty

Republicans are guilty of this too. Arkansas governor Asa Hutchison was on Tucker Carlson’s show, trying to play it both ways. He defended his decision to not protect children from hormone “treatments,” by saying he doesn’t want the government interfering.

Both the stance on injecting children with hormones and moving the MLB All Star game are hypocritical posturing. None of the politicians in either case have skin in the game, except that they want to get re-elected. 

So why do we not push back?

Why can’t we call them on their lies and posturing and really demand change? Republicans and Democrats are great at complaining about the system. But they go on re-electing the same sleazy, two-faced hacks election after election.

Politicians don’t just want it both ways, we let them have it both ways.

Keeping Politicians in Check

We let them stand up and posture while not accomplishing anything to help. Instead, they blow out spending doing favors for the people who helped them get elected.

That’s why we need to pay attention to primaries, get our states moving on limiting federal power, and take steps to seriously restrict political power. Our politics is broken. But, it can be fixed if we want to do the wor

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