Guns Don’t Kill People, Materialism Kills People

I want to begin this with a personal message. I kept myself from writing this post until people had time to grieve and to mourn the dead from last week's shooting. I didn't want to speak emotionally or rashly by releasing a post that day. I didn't want to catch ratings because of being simply... Continue Reading →

Tom Petty And A Search For Purpose

In light of Tom Petty’s recent passing, and as a fan of his work, it seemed necessary to look back at his music and understand his artistry better. Everyone wants to be remembered for something, and for musicians, that something is the meaning left behind in their music. Looking through some of the Songfacts of... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Remember Moving To Babel

  I remember growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana for all my life, but over the last year or so I feel like I’ve slowly been moving to Babel. You see, for my whole life I had people who I disagreed with, but we could still communicate. Now it feels like there’s two different languages-Republican and... Continue Reading →

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