What R. H. Tawney’s Socialism Teaches Us About Weinstein’s Assaults

Socialism has become the goal of most left-leaning political parties because it means equality. The type of equality they promote can’t be explained fully, because their stated goals of tearing down the new bourgeoisie are not the aim of Socialism. What Socialism really looks like is the powerful elite leveraging a Fascistic State to create and maintain a caste system.

What is Fascism?

While Fascism has often been used in reference to nationalism, it does not require that. Fascism is the strengthening of the state by working closely with business to turn a country’s people into a single collective. Nationalism is used as a mechanism to mobilize people in a single direction, but any form of collectivism would suffice in creating a Fascistic State. In 20th century Europe, the state would exert control over large companies, especially in utilities and large industries, to implement the control the state wanted. Now, in America, the strategy is reversed. Companies lobby the government, putting politicians in place who will protect their interests, even at the expense of the people. Unions do not protect their workers, but their own jobs by lobbying the government for more labor restrictions for them to exploit. Fascism in America is cooperation between business and government creating complacency among Americans as they steal liberty and power from the people. The media, Hollywood, unions, schools, courts, and the Federal Government have been creating power bases for themselves for decades through these means, often using each other as support

How does Socialism create a Caste System?

Socialists love to claim that they are for income equality among all. They say they fight for the working class and help them usurp power and wealth from the bourgeoisie. Rather, Socialists aim to organize society in a way that keeps individuals equal within their own class. R.H. Tawney, a famous 20th century Socialist thinker and advocate, stated this goal.
R H Tawney, 21-20 Parliament Hll Mansions, Lissenden Gardens NW5
R H Tawney, 21-20 Parliament Hll Mansions, Lissenden Gardens NW5
From  Religion and the Rise of Capitalism:
Society, like the human body, is and organism composed of different members. Each member has its own function, prayer, or defense, or merchandise, or tilling the soil. each must receive the means suited to its station, and must claim no more. Within classes there must be equality; if one takes into his hand the living of two, his neighbor will go short. Between classes there must be inequality ; for otherwise a class cannot perform its function, or- a strange thought to us- enjoy its right.
What does this look like in society? It means that being born into the different classes affords one an inherent entitlement to varying amounts of wealth and treatment. The classes are decided from birth, just as the function of a body part, and is unchangeable. This is why the intersectionality of the modern left is so fierce. They have to categorize as much as possible in order to allot the amount of wealth and privilege necessary to make society function. This idea is obviously dangerous, and a huge infringement on the liberty of all, including those who seem to benefit.

What are the ramifications?

Because of these roles, there is an elite class which arbitrates the societal morality and decides the allocation of wealth and power. This includes politicians, Hollywood, the mainstream media, universities, and powerful unions. They collude to organize the rest of the American people by controlling policy, the flow of information, and entertainment. Because their role is to deliver the utopia that Socialism promises, they have to accomplish this by any means. Therefore, they can not be viewed by the lower classes as flawed or human. They must create the illusion of superiority, which is why they preach from their soapbox on the floor of Congress, at the Hollywood awards, the lecture hall, and Channel 9. Any atrocities committed by the elite must have them exiled from the elite class as “never belonging there in the first place.” But that is not always possible, for instance Bill Clinton, Roman Polanski, Ted Kennedy, and most recently Harvey Weinstein. These men have done horrific things, and received protection from the elite defending them for sake of their own self-interest. Everyone knew what Weinstein was doing. He donated to every democrat candidate for years. Obama’s daughter interned for him. Every star has been cast in a picture he had produced. But, they could not bring these allegations up. The media covered for him multiple times. Politicians aware of this looked the other way with their hand out for donations. All of this was allowed because they wanted to maintain power, and the ends justified the means for these sick, disgusting, horrible people. If the population ever realized that the elite are simply a myth, and are no different than the average person, the power structure would crumble. The people would regain their power and influence, something due to them because of their inalienable rights and inherent dignity.

Where does this end?

The internet, an endless source of decentralization of power, information, wealth, and influence can topple this paradigm. It is no longer 1950 and they cannot deliver their message in mass. Rather every person with a smartphone, computer, and a little know-how can poke holes in their narrative until the boat begins to sink. People must rise up in an insurrection and steal their power. They must think for themselves. Listen to the crazies, because they may be right. Check the narrative against logic. Determine their motive in everything they say and do. Watch these people like a hawk, and when they make mistakes, expose them. People can take back their power, their liberty. It’ll come one doubt at a time. When people stop taking part in the voluntary actions that prop up the power structure, leverage the institutions they’ve created against themselves, and choose to be free- America will regain its freedom.

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