QUOTE: Billy Graham

This is something many people struggle with: when is a good time to accept help and when is a good time to offer help. As a young man, it can be hard for me to be as charitable as I would like. I am much more able to offer my time and help than money, but I often run low on that as well. I do give what I can, and remember that by focusing on making myself secure in life I can afford to do more in the future. For now, I am trying to prepare myself to take on the phase in my life of starting a family, so it is easier to pick and choose my charity with that in mind. That being said, I do my best to offer something to the needy as I come across them, even if I have no money and can only offer a smile and wave of acknowledgement at the time. I even have a harder time accepting help. I am an independent person, and I’d often rather fail on my own than accept people’s help or advice. I have learned over the years to listen to the wisdom of my elders or people who have navigated a situation before me. To receive allows us to grow, which in turn allows us to give. We should not take more than we ought, but we should not shy away from assistance of family, friends or community when we are the ones in need. It gives us a better understanding of what good comes of charity, which we can keep in our hearts the next time we are in a position to give.

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