How Leftist Ideology Will Fall Like Jericho

Most people, if not all, are aware of the story of Jericho and how the Israelites laid siege to the city by simply marching around it. The story of Jericho was a miraculous victory, but the strategy of surrounding a walled city rather than attacking it was a military maneuver used throughout history. This will discuss how today’s echo chamber of leftism is behaving as a walled city under siege and how I believe the ideology will crumble- just like Jericho. The strategy was to cut off the city from the outside, thus causing surrender, or at least weakening the enemy before battle, by limiting resources. There wasn’t waste disposal or airdropping food for relief. Rather, the struggle was one of resiliency. The story of Jericho is different because it is the story of people marching around a stronghold that could not be felled by military means, and doing so in the name of their God. They simply surrounded the city and marched in the name of faith in something True and Noble- the one, true God. Jericho was one of the most impressively fortified cities in the ancient world during its time. The problem for Jericho is walls keep people in as well as keeping them out. This is what the left has done. The walls around the ideology that were meant to protect the Progressivism at the city’s center not only cut off opinion from entering, but it traps people inside the ideology as well. So, when new ideas to push through the walls and panic inside commences, the chaos is trapped inside the walls and inflicts more pain on those inside. Recently, this has become apparent more and more. The modern left has walled itself into its ideology by surrounding itself in the echo chamber of the MSM, higher education, big government, and entertainment. These are the walls around the city of leftist ideology. They have been built by progressives over the last century, with the cornerstones laid by people like John Dewey, Woodrow Wilson, and Upton Sinclair. These walls have been raised and fortified for a few generations now and seem impenetrable to those looking on. There is change coming, however. Those in the alternative media space, a president who does not come from the bureaucratic Washington elites, and celebrities and artists that arise from social medias rather than Hollywood are marching around the walled city of leftism in the name of freedom. They may not agree politically, philosophically, or religiously, but they agree on man’s inherent right to be free and govern one’s life- something those behind the walls wish to steal away from the people. Simply standing on this belief may not be enough to build a city of its own, but it is enough to bring down the walls. Marching together under a common principle around the left’s walled city as the Israelites did to Jericho will be enough to take down the walls. The evidence of this is already apparent as the left has begun to turn on itself- just as citizens under siege may begin to turn to cannibalism or treason out of desperation. The hierarchy of victimhood has proven to be an intersectional game of king of the hill, and all the principles they espouse have been shown to be either empty, baseless, or conflicting. So, what can be done? New ideas and principles must arise from the dust, some new and some old. An unquenchable desire for lasting truth, rather than fashionable ideas, must be the focus of intellectual discussion. Civil discourse must abound, but with purpose. It must focus on building solutions from the bottom up, rather than the top down. A marketplace of ideas must arise so society can move itself into the future according to the natural evolution of consciousness- like a healthy economy does- through the supply and demand for certain ideas and solutions. We must work now to create solutions for the future, through the perspective gained from the past. Jericho’s walls are falling, but can a new, better, and freer civilization be built upon its ruins? It will take work. It will take dedication. It will take time. The civilization can be built by each individual starting by making a home for himself, then his brother, then his neighbor, and so on until each has a place to call home. Society’s improvement comes from each individual choosing to turn toward virtue and responsibility, not from impenetrable walls.

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