81. The Climate Change “Crisis”

The panic over climate change seems to be getting worse and worse despite the fact that the predictions have been wrong time and time again. Today, I would like to discuss the panic around climate change and the lack of good solutions to the problem.

“Climate change is happening, humans are causing it, and I think this is perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us.”

-Bill Nye

Is it warming?

It seems to me that based on the evidence it is getting warmer. I am not sure exactly how fast it’s happening, nor do I know if that is worldwide or certain areas. Sure there might be dips in temperature, but that is like saying the stock market hasn’t gone up steadily since we’ve begun tracking it when there is a recession. A local dip doesn’t mean that the overall trend isn’t going up.

Is man to blame?

There seems to be evidence that man contributes to global warming in some respect. By disrupting ecosystems and releasing pollution we do have a negative affect often on the environment. We do have a positive affect in many aspects as well, and if we can mitigate the negative effects I think we can really reduce our impact with some simple things

What should we do?

Well, socialism isn’t the answer. My main problem with climate change alarmism is that the answer always is government takeover of this or that. It is never a call to personal responsibility in any meaningful way. Nor does it go after the large perpetrators.

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