80. The Problems With Schooling (And Some Solutions)

It seems that school has lost sight of the goal that they should be educating and challenging students instead of indoctrinating them. The system we have now doesn’t truly provide an education, rather it is a path for skills training to get a job.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

-Malcom X

Bad incentives: The system we have currently was developed by socialist activists like Dewey. Because of that, the system has for a long time had a bad incentive structure for those who truly do excellent work.

Lack of options: Despite the fact that we have tons of unfilled labor jobs, especially those in skilled trades like electricians, welders, etc., we do not educate people on that opportunity, nor do we prepare then. There is also a lack of options for schools. If you want people to be able to succeed, allow them to go to the schools of their choice instead of trapping them generation after generation in a bad school system.

Biases: The biases in the education system had become so ingrained due to the fact that many of the elite educators lean in one political direction, and the government has an incentive to educate people to enjoy a big government. There is no conservative answer to the Howard Zinn ways of educating people. They don’t need to answer with their biases, but with the truth and allow people to decide.

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