I’m Angry

I’d like to start by saying this is not like most of my posts. This is an observation of what’s going on and my best attempt to make some sense of it all.

I am not an angry person generally. I have other faults, many in fact, but unless I’m stuck in traffic, playing a bad round of golf, or putting together IKEA furniture, I’m rather even-keeled. Lately, I’ve noticed that I have been angry more often, and I think it has to do with the climate we’re in.

There is so much chaos and injustice, and these combined with a concerted effort to quash the truth and replace it with the “eternal now” of 1984, make it hard to sit by and watch. But, it seems that’s all I can do.

I was willing to take one for the team and stay home for 15 days because it seemed like a good precaution to take in case COVID was as bad as it appeared to be. Then, once the hospitals weren’t overrun, it was a few more weeks until we can have testing in place. Then a vaccine, etc. I didn’t realize giving in for 15 days was giving the inch they needed to use this for months against good people, depriving them of their dignity and rights.

And, once it was obvious that this was not the right way to go about things, we were still forced to comply. Not just that, but churches opened after liquor stores and bars, and had much more stringent requirements.

This disease has become a political weapon, and it is being wielded to attack our most basic rights and institutions. The panic is propped up by a complicit media, ready to do anything to hurt Trump, even if it means sacrificing millions of people’s livelihoods in the process. I’m disgusted by the widespread injustice and amount of disinformation used to keep people confused and compliant.

And, as we feel that we may be through this, the goal posts continue to be moved so that it can be an ever-present cause for panic. This disease should be a tough, unifying trial, but it has become a means to an evil end of the elites: disruption of the American way of life, and the theft of the liberty that allows that way of life to exist.

Then, amidst all of this, a horrific display of police incompetence and neglect for human life sets off a “conversation about police brutality.” However, it was not just that. It was a mobilization of a Marxist movement.

To be clear, I see numerous problems with police, and have spoken about these problems for years, and it seemed like we might finally have a real conversation about this topic and make some improvements. My position on police is as critical as it is for anyone in power, whether it be politicians, leaders of big businesses, or school administrators. They ought to be held to a higher standard due to the sway and power they have over people.

But, this “conversation” was hijacked by race hustlers and Marxists looking to push their agendas and guilt people into bowing down to them (literally). The BLM movement will ask if you believe that “black lives matter” in order to see whether or not you’re “woke.” However, if you don’t buy in to all the Marxist premises, then you’re shamed. And, most good and honest people would find something objectionable in what the group stands for.

Despite that, we are expected to buy in to the idea that BLM stands for black lives and that all whites are complicit in systematic racism. The solution is to bow to the mob the way they want you to bow and when they want you to bow. There is no logic to their solutions. If you say nothing, that’s wrong, but if you say something it’s also wrong. The only way to be right is to give into whatever is being said at that moment, to submit to the “eternal now.”

It doesn’t matter if you can point out a number of non-racial issues on their What We Believe page that you object to. And, you can’t point out violence of the inner cities, which is the main driver of death and suffering for the black community. That, according to many, is violence.

Even Catholic school teachers like Timothy Gordon, who should be able to say that a Marxist, anti-family movement is evil, have faced backlash. Where can we go to disavow a Marxist movement if we can’t do so in a Catholic setting, where the popes have repeatedly condemned the Socialist/Communist ideology? Who will stand for the family and traditional values?

But what can we do to fix all this? We can pray. Pray for justice in our world, and patience and prudence for ourselves. Pray for the wisdom to know truth and the courage to speak it.

Study, so that you know what you’re talking about and what you believe. Seek truth, even when it’s hard, and accept the truth when you find it. Learn what it takes to live a life of virtue, and then live a good and virtuous life, taking care of those around you.

If you have a family focus on them and their formation in virtue, helping them to find prudence, courage, and truth. If you don’t have a family, get started building one by finding the right person that you can spend your life with and have a family with. Then, make that happen. The family is the first line of defense against injustice of the mob and the state.

Find the good that is in your life right now and hold on to it. Appreciate it, and in as much as is possible, share that light with others. Be an example of graciousness, righteousness, and virtue.

It’s time for good people to not just be good, but to share that with those around them. It’s time to speak up in favor of truth, virtue, family, and liberty. Show that you will stand against the mob. I’ve decided to do so myself, and plan to accept the consequences that may arise. I can no longer stand idly by as boldfaced, destructive lies are hurled around me. I plan to take a stand, and hope others will too.

Enjoy solving today’s problems with the wisdom of the past? Join me in the Conversation of Our Generation.

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