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Wow, what a start to 2021… I was really hoping we’d leave some of our insanity behind, but apparently not. Instead, we seemed to have doubled down, like we did on masks. Despite all the insanity, there are some bright spots and great things happening. I want to share some hope for 2021 that I have.

Here are some bright spots that give me hope for 2021:

Dr. Yenor’s book, The Recovery of Family Life is catching fire 

And, this is great because the family is the core of a society. Any society that doesn’t value the family is in decline, so restoring the primacy of family is huge. Check out my interview with Scott to learn more.

People are tired of national politics

This may be a surprise, but I’ve seen even very political accounts already getting bored of the Biden administration. The media is definitely pushing this, although they aren’t the most reliable. However, a step back from politics might help us find some unity.

It’s a new year for your Reading List Resolution

Not sure about you, but I get hyped up each January for all the books I plan on reading. But, if you need some ideas, you can check out this list of books I find valuable or check out my Book Review YouTube playlist.

But what bright spots have you seen in 2021? Is there anything that gives you hope for a life after the pandemic? Shoot me an email and let me know! Here’s where you can contact me to let me know.

I hope 2021 is much better year, and it’s each of us working towards that together that makes that hope a reality. So, I look forward to solving the problems of today with the wisdom of the past alongside you.

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219. Why a Political Philosophy Is Important | Natural Law by Lysander Spooner Conversation of Our Generation

Our society has a problem discussing politics and political ideas, and I think I know the issue. Our country has divided itself on many issues, but that's nothing new. However, nowadays few people have a political philosophy underpinning their beliefs. I think that is at the root of the issue. If we had firm foundations, it would be easier to hear opposing viewpoints. But, when we build our ideas on foundations of sand, we have to stop them from washing away. Read more here: https://conversationofourgeneration.com/2021/05/07/why-a-political-philosophy-is-important–natural-law-by-lysander-spooner/ What is Political Philosophy? Political philosophy is a grounding in how you view the world. Basically, it acts as a framework to which you can attach your ideas. From there, you can build an understanding of the world by attaching new information to the framework. It also gives you a set of first principles for discussing politics. Buy your copy of Natural Law by Lysander Spooner here>> What is Natural Law? Natural law is Aristotle's political philosophy, Locke's political philosophy, and the basis for many other great thinkers. Lysander Spooner's work, Natural Law, is a great way to learn more about how Natural Law operates in a political context. It's a short book, and I think anyone would benefit from reading it. People who do not understand Natural Law, would learn a lot about it, even if they don't believe it from this work. What is My Political Philosophy? I adhere to an understanding of Natural Law that the moral truths and political truths are discoverable like science. I also believe in a broad basis of liberty for all men, and think it should be a top priority in political discussions. Also, I have faith in the common people in many ways, as long as they aren't led to believe falsities by the powerful elites. I fall in line with thinkers like Aristotle, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Roger Scruton, and others. Whose political philosophy is reflected in the Declaration of Independence? The ideas reflected in the Declaration of Independence are the ideas I discussed above. The Declaration of Independence includes ideas from Thomas Jefferson, John Locke, Thomas Paine, and others. It is a call to liberty and justice for all, and laid the groundwork for American self-governance. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/conofourgen/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/conofourgen/support
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