Know Your Neighbors

Men need friendships with other men. The problem is, men are often bad about reaching out and planning ways to get together. However, that doesn’t mean they need the human contact any less. So, how can men go about that? I think it’s good to start at home. Who are your neighbors? If you don’t know them, this will make the case why you should know your neighbors. Listen to the full podcast below:

Pre-COVID Isolation

There’s a lot of acedia going on with a lot of men. And, a lot of them don’t really take the initiative to do things like reach out to their friends, which is really a shame, especially as we deal with COVID. It’s like men have been suffering from social distancing since way before the pandemic. 

It used to be that people would enjoy time in the neighborhood, and kids would play together. But nowadays, at least in many places, people barely know their neighbors. Instead of seeing people out enjoying each other’s company, they’re on their computers alone.

But, if you don’t know your neighbors, then you’re wrong, plain and simple. like because. While I didn’t make a very good effort, I do know my neighbors. We have some conversations here and there, but I know I haven’t done what I should. 

Why You Should Know Your Neighbors

I grew up playing capture the flag and other games with the kids on our street. The parents would hang out and knew each other well. Today, it’s very weird to see that sort of thing. When you watch the Twilight Zone, and see the children playing, it might be the most outlandish part of the episode. 

The value of knowing your neighbors is you have a random sample of people. You learn how to relate to people you disagree with. And, that makes it harder to dehumanize others amid the pandemic. So, take some time to meet your neighbors. Get to know your neighbors, so you can start to build a better, more virtuous society.

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