📢 Texas Reopens —🍻 Honoring People—🏳️‍🌈 Gay Conservatism | Top Discussions 3/5

Dr. Suess was not the person I expected to get cancelled this week by the woke mob. But, I guess we can’t say we’re surprised anymore. With that said, if you have a collection of his books, you may be rich.

This week’s top discussions don’t have a common thread, but these are some of the big trends I saw:

  • Texas is opening up
  • Socialist policies failing… again
  • Conservatives and LGBTQ

With spring around the corner and some of the stories this week, I feel pretty good going into the weekend. There’s always cause for concern, but I think there’s reason to hope for some good changes.

So, dive into the newsletter to see what people have to say about these topics and more.

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The Vital Masculinity guys had a conversation with Kennedy Hall about the problem of effeminacy. Kennedy defines effeminacy differently than our culture (in the classical way), and explains why it’s an issue. If you want a good booster during Lent, this blend of Christian and Stoic ideas is great.

I’m a history nerd, and I love the American History Tellers podcast. They had one this past week on the building of the Statue of Liberty that I really enjoyed. It showed the power of the American people to come together to get something done, and I think we need to remember that.

Fr. John Nepil & Fr. Nathan Goebel discussed how to honor someone on a recent episode of Catholic Stuff You Should Know. For the non-Catholics or non-Christians, this isn’t a preachy sermon. It is two priests discussing how to show someone honor after doing so for their fathers recently.


Texas lifted it’s mask mandate, causing some to create a “come and take it” meme with masks on it. The hysteria over this shows how wrong we’ve been throughout the COVID pandemic about everything. Read more> 

Berlin regrets its rent control policies, but this shouldn’t be a shock. Rent controls have failed time and again in cities across the United States and elsewhere. So, why do we keep trying it? Well, let this be another lesson learned and hopefully for the last time. Read more> 

Social Chatter

Lots of chatter was happening on Twitter in conservative circles about so-called gay marriage issues. And, with three men adopting a child together, the conversation heated up. So, I took a poll that sparked a lot of interesting discussions about the topic.

“Niceness is not a virtue.” A simple tweet from @ManlyVirtue sparked a good discussion about what niceness is and why it is not a good thing. If you’re not sure why niceness is bad, check out that thread.

My Conversations

I had so much fun talking to Bill Martin about restoring old homes. His approach of E-FABism and building sustainably are great. His approach is un-ideological, which is why I think his ideas make sense to me in a time when architects are driven so much by ego and ideology.

Also, I reviewed the second Lord of the Rings book last week. (The third will be discussed today) It was good to build on the ideas in the first one and see how today we can learn from the second book how we ought to fight back against evil forces.

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