Finding Purpose As A Man In A Culture Hostile To Masculinity

One of the biggest struggles for young men today is how to find their purpose. In a culture that is hostile to men, deeming almost everything “toxic masculinity,” it is hard to pursue what’s good. However, young men do need to discover their purpose and pursue it. That’s why I brought on Josh Hatcher from Manlihood.com and author of Reignite. Josh helps young men with finding purpose and pursuing that.

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Watch the Interview with Josh here

Finding Your Purpose in Life

Finding your purpose and meaning isn't easy, but it really is simple. You have to ask yourself a few tough questions to find purpose and be honest about the answer. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What do I care about most?
  • Who or what could I not live without?
  • What am I good at?

Those are the sorts o things you need to know to discover your purpose. But, if you don't figure it out early in life, you'll have to do it later or be miserable. Josh tells his story in this interview of finally looking in the mirror and not liking who he was. So, he went on a journey of finding his purpose in midlife, and now shares what he learned through that process.

There are plenty of unhelpful quotes on finding purpose as well:

Many Men Can't Find Purpose in Life

Many men are struggling to find purpose in life and don't know where to look. Our culture is hostile to them and their ambitions. Plus, our culture not only attacks men, but most anything that men enjoy too. So, where is a man to go for finding purpose? Maybe he can look at quotes on finding purpose or do a find your purpose worksheet. But that isn't what we want.

Josh and I discussed this and how men are still needed in our culture - maybe more than ever. Now, that's not because men are better, but because we need both sexes to play an active role in society. Right now we lack a strong presence of good and virtuous men.

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