Where The Truth Lies

Running, running, running away
But I’m running from something that I can’t say
But I must be quick
But it’s matching my pace and chasing me down
It’s catching up over taking me now
And I think this might be it

I ain’t scared no I ain’t even close
So raise your glasses, let’s make a toast
Because I finally found something worth my time
I’m not the same but I’m not that different
I love my life and the way I live it
But I think I changed, changed my mind

Been around the world in through the ages
I read some books and on those pages
Were some truth and lies
I see beauty in the truth with my own two eyes
But I despise when false thoughts disguised
Appear to be wise

Now I’m on the road, long and winding
But I think that, the truth worth finding
Lies up somewhere ahead
It’s funny I don’t think that I’m all that crazy
I’m just a man sitting ’round playing
My guitar, trying to hear the dead

So I’m a young man guess I’m getting old
I used to believe everything I was told
Now I question all I see and hear
What’s true is true and it must be said
If you don’t believe it, you might wind up dead
But, that’s not what I fear

I’ll either lose or find myself, where the truth lies
God, I hope I find the truth doesn’t lie

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