116. 3 Fallacies Destroying Our Discourse

In today’s discourse there is a lot of bad dialogue. Many people fling ideas out there with little to no consideration, and many of these ideas are fallacious.

I’d like to look at several fallacies that really disrupt our ability to have a productive conversation. My hope is that in looking at these, we can find a way to push these fallacies aside and work to have a real, productive dialogue on the topic at hand.

“A sane mind should not be guilty of a logical fallacy, yet there are very fine minds incapable of following mathematical demonstrations.”

Henri Poincare

These are three common fallacies I see used a lot right now that I think it’s important to address.

  1. You don’t care about grandma.” This is an impugning of motives rather than a serious look at the issue at hand.
  2. Partisan Whataboutism– This problem stems from either a double standard or an accusation of a double standard where none exist. Both are a problem.
  3. Materialist Assumption – This happens a lot now because many people who aren’t religious simply assume a materialist cause for many things that are not necessarily materialist or justify beliefs assuming materialism as a basis.

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